dip is a full-Rust Web3 application toolkit focus on ECS based event-driven development.

All plugins are based on Bevy game engine. Take your logic anywhere from desktop apps to the metaverse.

For Desktop

Imagine Electron + React but in Rust. It supports declarative UI via Tauri and Dioxus .

For Command Line Interface

CliPlugin allows you to build your own CLI easily. It's based on [clap](https://github.com/clap-rs/clap).

For Games

The goal is to sign a message or transaction in the metaverse and exchange assets securly via hardware crypto wallet.

Developer Tools

`dip` command provides various utilities for developers such as...

- Setting up your computer

- Compile dip based application

- Interacting with hardware wallet etc.

Docs are WIP. I know it's still confusing. We're on the edge.

Ping me on Discord if you need. I'm here to chat.